April 22, 2024


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A Royal Surprise awaits you at Cheval Collection


Prestigiously located on the doorstep of the Palace of Holyrood house, Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments at Holyrood are filled with history and designed with luxury in mind. The apartments have been home to a number of courtiers during their 500-year history. Named and designed with a nod to the colourful assortment of former inhabitants, these apartments are all totally unique and unconventional.

When staying at Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments in Edinburgh, you will be able to discover the stories behind your previous resident and exactly what brought them to the property!

One of the most intriguing occupiers was Lady Margaret Seton, who claimed sanctuary at the historic Abbey Strand after her husband’s death in 17th century.

You can also visit The Palace of Holyrood House, which is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II in Scotland, and sits at the opposite end of the Royal Mile to Edinburgh Castle. If you are in love with antiquarian, then do visit Queen of Scots’ chambers, complete with historic artefacts and paintings from the 16th century.

Visitors to the Palace of Holyrood House can also enjoy the newly designed Physic Garden, which can be found directly behind Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments. Each area of the Physic Garden represents a phase in the palace’s 300-year history, including medicinal and culinary plants that would have grown in the 17th century. Guests of Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments can enjoy exclusive evening access to the gardens.

Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments can be seen behind Queen Mary’s Bath house, which is thought to be used as a summer house for the Royals when walking in the garden.

If history excites you, then get ready to immerse yourself in the enriching history of Holyrood with Cheval Abbey Strand Apartments, where rich past meets contemporary living within its characterful walls!