June 16, 2024


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Internationally acclaimed Pastry Chef Anna Polyviou brings her culinary magic to The Claridges, New Delhi.

Trav Buzz News, 23rd April 2024

The Claridges, a symbol of timeless luxury and exceptional hospitality in New Delhi, is known for creating unforgettable experiences. With a legacy spanning decade, the hotel has become synonymous with top-notch dining, stays, and unmatched service, making it a favourite among travellers seeking refined elegance and personal attention.

To ignite your taste buds with creativity and innovation, The Claridges announced an exclusive showcase of Chef Anna Polyviou’s culinary creations at Lutyens Deli on 20th April 2024.

Lutyens Deli, nestled within The Claridges, is renowned for its culinary mastery, blending traditional flavours with modern twists to create a culinary paradise. From artisanal sandwiches using the finest ingredients to decadent pastries showcasing culinary artistry, each dish at Lutyens Deli reflects a commitment to excellence and fresh ideas. Guests can savour a delightful range of European-inspired delicacies paired with premium teas and coffees, promising a luxurious experience.

Chef Anna Polyviou is renowned worldwide for her bold approach to flavours and presentation, garnering accolades for her imaginative culinary creations. From delectable desserts to savoury delights, her dishes offer a culinary journey like no other, enchanting both the palate and the eyes. Anna Polyviou stands out as an award-winning pastry chef with her distinctive urban style, iconic pink mohawk, and infectious fun attitude that leaves a lasting impression on everyone. She crafts unforgettable food experiences that leave people yearning for more. A television personality, author, and sweet creator, but most importantly, she brings Sweet Dreams Come Alive.

The intimate gathering at Lutyens Deli, with a limited guest list of 30-40 attendees, ensured an immersive experience of Chef Polyviou’s culinary world amid the sophisticated charm of The Claridges. Whether enjoying a leisurely high tea or savouring a meal with loved ones, guests can expect warm hospitality and attention to detail, making every visit memorable.

With the unveiling of this event, Lutyens Deli has just introduced its new high tea experience, adding an extra touch of luxury to its offerings. The menu is carefully made by the chefs to delight everyone who tries it. It’s a special treat for anyone who loves delicious food in a fancy setting

“We are excited to welcome the culinary maestro Anna Polyviou to Lutyens Deli, offering our guests an unforgettable blend of flavours and artistry,” said Himanshu Kumar, Hotel Manager at The Claridges. “This event embodies our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences and celebrating culinary brilliance.” Attendees had a delightful array of Chef Polyviou’s signature creations, crafted with care to delight and inspire. From delightful sweets to savoury treats, the high tea soirée promised an extraordinary culinary experience, setting new standards in indulgence and creativity.