December 11, 2023


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Travel Trade is Grateful to the Government for Waiving Off Home Quarantine for International Passengers: TAAI

Trav Buzz News, 10 Feb 2022

    TAAI’s efforts finally yielded fruitful results today when the Government announced waving off the home quarantine for international passengers starting from 14th February. A special appreciation goes to the Ministry of Tourism from the Travel Trade for their sincere and well-coordinated efforts to help combat aftermath of the pandemic and revival of businesses.

    TAAI communicated with the Ministry of Health keeping the External Affairs, Home, and Tourism in the loop only yesterday to consider waiving off the quarantine request, said Jyoti Mayal, President. A much-awaited move that will certainly boost the morale of travellers planning to visit India, and open up employment and business opportunities for the travel trade fraternity which is on the verge of collapse due to the pandemic, she added.

    To ensure that Indian tourism can regain and then build on its market share of 1% which was pre – covid in the global inbound travel, such a move shall infuse confidence in the industry, as well as the travellers, to look at India as a must-visit destination, especially post-pandemic, said Jay Bhatia, Vice President.

    Bettaiah Lokesh, HSG highlighted that a lot of countries have now opened up or have announced opening up their borders to fully vaccinated travellers with the impact of Omicron subsiding. And, therefore, the resumption of full commercial flights with zero quarantine to fully vaccinated travellers across all Indian ports was a much-needed move. We are indeed grateful to the Government, especially the Ministry of Health for the response to the travel trade’s request for waiving off the quarantine, commented Shreeram Patel, Hon. Treasurer.