December 3, 2022


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Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), the nodal, premier and largest Travel and Tourism Association in India, Since 1951 has appealed to Minister of Civil Aviation, Mr Hardeep Singh Puri and Minister of Tourism, Mr Prahlad Singh Patel to setup urgent protocols for travellers who are getting vaccinated against Covid19.

In an appeal made by National Office Bearers of TAAI on 16th January’21, Jyoti Mayal – President(TAAI) informed that “we have urged the Government of India through MoCA and MoT to set guidelines for vaccinated travelers, issue verifiable certificates and set SoPs for the same. This shall enable vaccinated travelers to resume their activities to pre-covid times and live towards a better future. Every person vaccinated in India must be granted a certificate and our government should also tie-up with all countries verifying and accepting their Covid Vaccine certificates

We wish to draw your kind attention for immediate action as below:

  1. Vaccinated Inbound Travellers:
  2. Proof and date of Covid-19 vaccination taken.
  3. RT-PCR / Quarantine norms to be waived for such passengers who have got vaccinated.
  4. Mandate health/travel insurance to be taken by all travellers coming to India.
  5. Vaccinated Indians travelling:
  6. Proof and date of Covid-19 vaccination taken. Either to be linked to Aadhar card or physical verifiable certificate to be issued to citizens of India.
  7. RT-PCR / Quarantine norms to be waived for such passengers who have got vaccinated within India, eg. Like travellers from New Delhi / Rajasthan etc entering Maharashtra.
  8. Mandate domestic/international travellers, health/travel insurance to be taken. A recommendation to be set across to IRDA or relevant Ministry to ensure the same is overed under Mediclaim / Corporate Medical Policies etc.

Many countries have started the process of vaccination. Travellers who have got the vaccination done are desirous of travel to India.

Currently, there is no clarity in terms of how their entry into India shall be permitted.

There has to be a uniform policy that needs to be mandated by Centre towards how the verification and process for the same needs to be set.

We would request your goodselves, to kindly draw up plans and undertake SoPs, for such travellers.

From 16th January’21, Indians too shall get vaccinated in phases.

For their travel within the country and even for overseas travel norms SoPs and certificates/ verifiable confirmation of vaccination taken needs to be issued to every citizen.

This certificate should be accepted by all States/Union Territories across India.

Adding to the above, Vice President (TAAI) Jay Bhatia, stated that “We are proud that our Government has rolled Made in India vaccines. To make travel and tourism as free and comfortable as possible, TAAI shall be working closely with the Government on formulating and setting standards that shall be acceptable and verifiable globally. We have proposed immediate action so that vaccinated travelers desirous of traveling Domestic, International, and even for Inbound to India shall be free from hassles.”